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For many years, Mary has worked in the publishing industry in a variety of roles--author, project director, editor, book doctor, art director, managing editor, and others. Her experience comes from years of working with traditional publishing houses, such as Worthy Books, Word Publishing, Thomas Nelson, Guideposts Books, Harvet House, Worthy Books, and others. She currently serves as president and publisher of Creative Enterprises Studio--the book production and premier publishing services group of Books, Bach & Beyond, Inc.

Mary's extensive, broad-based experience, both as an author and as a publishing professional, has prepared her well for this important role. And she often gets to share her experience-based knowledge through writers' conferences, publishing workshops, books she's written, and in other venues.

Mary, Thanks for sharing your wisdom about book publishing with me at the Colorado Christian Writers Conference. I am at the infancy stage in writing a book, and your help was a gift from God!

Kim Bagato

If you are planning to publish your book or product independently, why not start with a phone conference with Mary. She will help you identify exactly where you are in the publishing process and what you need to do next. She also has a wealth of resources and skilled publishing freelancers who can provide most any kind of developmental, editorial, printing, marketing, and promotion assistance you may need.

Dear Mary, thank you for meeting with me. What a great blessing! I appreciate your patient explanation of the publishing process. You will never know how much you helped me! I bought notebooks, and I am starting to get organized in new ways. My husband is thrilled! He said he wanted to hug you! I look forward to working with you and your team to publish my books. THANK YOU!

Many blessings, Ruth

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