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What People Are Saying . . .

I've been a Christian and Bible student for sixty years, and I couldn't believe how much I learned from Outlandish Love! It straightened out so many things in my mind. It's truly the first time the Bible has made complete sense to me. --Delynda Doran

The hours, days, and years it must have taken you to write and present this material is beyond my under-standing. Please write this study in a book so it can be passed down to generations to come. -- Sharon Hill, President, On Call Prayer

I loved this course both times I attended it. I loved finally getting the whole picture of God's outlandish love for his people and the detailed plan he had to bring us to himself. It straightened out so many things for me. What a mighty God we serve! --Ellen Jennings








Do you sometimes find the Bible confusing and hard to understand? If so, welcome to the club. But what if it wasn't? What if you could finally get the story of the Bible straightened out in your mind? Well, now you can!


The Bible is not written in chronological order. That's why it's often confusing. But when you put the major Bible stories in historical order and then link them to world events by date, you can understand it so much better. And you can make many intriguing connections.

For example, did you know Noah could have eaten popcorn and pancakes on the ark? Did you know Daniel could have read Aesop's Fables? Did you know the boy Jesus could have watched puppet shows, gone to birthday parties with cake, played ball, and ridden ponies? We learn these possibilities by putting Bible people into their world context.

Most important, by putting the Bible in historical order you will gain a panoramic view of the grand story of God's Outlandish Love for you. His meticulous plan to save you that stretched across thousands of years.

Join us now on this astonishing journey into the heart of the God who adores you. It's the story of an uncontainable, incomprehensible, Outlandish Love! And it's all about you.




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