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The Changing Face of

Christian Publishing

Join Mary for an upbeat 50-minute discussion of the trends and changes happening in the Christian publishing industry today. Recorded live in March 2010 at a meeting of the DFW Ready Writers--a local chapter of the American Christian Fiction Writers!

This insightful presentation covers such topics as current trends in the industry--consolidation, crossover, and branding.

Mary also discusses other current hot topics in publishing:

  • The new "core inventory" program being followed by Christian bookstores

  • The impact of the limping economy on publishing

  • Traditional vs. independent publishing

  • The future of Christian publishing

  • Printing/production options, such as regular press runs vs. print on demand

  • Kindle Reader, iPad, and Nook books and e-books

  • A 3-step plan for developing your social media presence

  • The personalities of the various social media sites and how to succeed on each one

  • A final challenge to Christian writers to stay focused on what's really important.

Purchase your copy of this informative CD now--

you won't be disappointed!


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