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It is my great honor to be associated with Christian Publishing University and to serve as her director of communications. Working with a team of highly experienced Christian publishing professionals for more than two years, my friends and I have been privileged to help create the CPU website. And I am so happy to recommend it to you as a source of encouragement, education, and professional resources.  

-- Mary Hollingsworth

Finally! You have found what you've been looking for. Christian Publishing University (CPU) is a learning center where you can discover a wealth of proven resources and study opportunities to help you master the basics and mysteries of the publishing industry.

If you really want to become published, it's imperative that you become a student of the publishing industry to learn as mucIf you really want to become published, it's imperative that you become a student of the publishing industry to learn as much about it as you can. And this is the perfect place to start!h about it as you can. And this is the perfect place to start!

 Here are some tools, teleseminars, and personal helps you will find at CPU:

  • An ever-expanding catalog of classes and seminars presented by experienced industry professionals, such as Thelma Wells, Karol Ladd, Terry Whalin, Debbie Wickwire, and many others

  • Complete multiclass courses on various publishing topics, such as publishing legalities, the basics to Christian publishing, etc.

  • Links to hundreds of Christian publishers

  • Links to more than 60 literary agents who work in the Christian industry

  • The most complete online publishing dictionary anywhere

  • Access to more than 780,000 quotations

  • Links to all the public libraries in the US

  • Student advisers, whom you can actually talk to personally about your publishing project or career

  • A huge CPU library that provides, downloadable documents, hundreds of recommended resources, websites, blogs, articles, and links

  • Personalized publishing coaching

  • A campus store, offering excellent products for writers, composers, playwrights, artists, and publishing professionals

  • A social media student center where you can interact with others in Christian publishing

  • And so much more!

To compete with professional authors and get the attention of agents and publishers, you have to be the best at your writing craft--that goes without saying. You also have to be well-informed and able to speak the industry lingo, you need to understand the publishing process, you need to know the legalities of being an author, and you need to know the rules of style used in the industry. In other words, you have to be a professional too.

         Until now, finding the information you need has been difficult, if not impossible, much less all in one place. At long last CPU offers you the unprecedented opportunity to learn what you need to know from top professionals in the Christian publishing industry, successful authors, and seasoned editors and publishers. It's a publishing educational treasure trove!

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