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While Mary's vocation is Christian publishing, her avocation is music. She loves all kinds of music and believes it can glorify God in wonderful ways.


A Diversity of Praise

A delightful variety of ten recordings featuring the rich contralto voice of best-selling author, Mary Hollingsworth.

It's a splash of patriotic, glimmers of Christmas and Easter, some good old Southern gospel, a touch of contemporary praise, even a little country western. And altogether Christian!

1. God Bless America

2. Lean on Me

3. I Was There

4. Go Light Your World

5. Amazing Light

6. When Life Gets Broken

7. In the Name of the Lord

8. One Day at a Time

9. God Bless the Children

10. That's the Good News!

A Cappella Music

One of Mary's personal passions is a cappella music. She has chosen to share with you some recordings that she hopes will serve you and your church in special ways. These professionally recorded CDs feature the pure blend, close harmonies, and majestic sounds of her a cappella jazz group, Infinity, using only the greatest musical instrument known to man--the human voice. Nothing else even comes close to its power and emotional expression.

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On Our Knees

A Concert of A Cappella Prayer

and Meditation

Performed by Infinity

"At the name of Jesus every knee shall bow . . . and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father."

Philippines 2:10-11 NIV

Songs of Infinity

A Cappella Praise Celebrating the Eternal God

Performed by Infinity

"Lord, everything you have made will praise you; your kingdom will go on and on, and you will rule forever, even until infinity."

Psalm 145:10, 13 NCV


The A Cappella Wedding

Performed by Infinity

Includes 12 traditional and 12 contemporary wedding songs, all recorded in pure a cappella harmonies. Produced and conducted by Charlotte Greeson. Published by Sweet Publishing Company.

Perfect for weddings in small or large churches, for anniversary parties, and other occasions.

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The A Cappella Wedding

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